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JJ’s 4x4 Workouts©
Fast. Fun. Done.

Get a full body workout in only 15 minutes at home. Do this just 3 times a week and marvel at your FAST results!

My 4x4 Workout© approach works miracles because it incorporates the 4X4 Workoutsprincipals of burst training (high intensity interval training) AND resistance training, the two absolute BEST ways to develop lean muscle, burn more fat, and boost your metabolism, all day long.

I call it “4x4” because each workout combines 4 bursts for each of 4 body parts (upper body pulling, upper body pushing, hips & thighs, and power core) done in a circuit.


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Nancy N

“Today I did your 4x4 workout. LOVE IT! It kicked my butt in 15 min. You are on to something with this one, JJ. What a time saver!”

– Nancy Newcomer
Founder of Back to the Kitchen: Healthy Living with Real Food




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